DSCR Loans Currently Available in the Following States: 

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Mountain States Lending can provide financing for your Residential Investment Properties with no employment or income requirements.  These are business purpose loans that qualify the borrower based on property cash flow. 

These loans are based on the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) of the new loan and are primarily based on Credit Scores , Loan to Value (LTV) and the requirement that the current Market Rents are equal to or more than the new mortgage payment.  Some exceptions can be made with lower Market Rents.

Program Criteria

• 1–4 Unit and 5–8 Unit Programs
• 2-8 Mixed Use Properties
• Minimum Credit Score: 660
• No Employment Information or Income Required
• Cash-Out Refinance Loans to 75% LTV with 700 Credit Score
• Loan Amounts to $3 Million
• Max Cash-Out $1 Million to 65% LTV - $500,000 to 75% LTV
• Market Rents derived from Appraisal Form 1007 or 216
• Actual Rents for Refinance Transactions may be Allowed
• 30- & 40-Year Fixed Rate with I/O Payments Available
• Clean Credit Rating on Clients Primary Residence Required
• Loan comes standard with a 3 Year Pre-Payment Penalty but can be Bought Down to a 0-, 1- or 2-Year Pre-Payment Penalty
• Please call for Current Pricing Options